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The Music Industry. We love it. We hate it. Always remember to compliment people behind their backs. The Music Industry is like one big group chat, where everyone knows everyone or is related to someone. This shortcut guide to the music industry is aimed to help musicians/artists, managers, current/former music business students and people who just have questions about certain music terminology they experience in every day life.


As someone who has spent close to half a million dollars on their education (the $$ was not worth it), the experiences, locations and people were.

This music guide has taken me ten years to put together and it’s only fifty pages. Versus the thousands of pages, reports, research papers and presentations I had to create during my time at three different universities. It’s a combination of real life situations, my master’s degree in music industry administration (music business) and management degree from Harvard University.


You do not need a college degree to be successful, it helps, but all of the legendary and successful artists I currently work with and have worked with, none of them have a college degree. They followed their passions, talents and made their dreams a reality through sheer determination and not caring what anyone else thought. They met the right people at the right time and are legends because of this. You can be too, remember that knowledge is power and to ALWAYS be kind.


As a bonus, I also included a Marketing Plan Example for a music release that is used by the major recrd labels. 


If you have a question about anything in this guide or need advice about your situation in the music industry. Please do not hesitate to reach out and email me at or DM me on social media @lizkamlet.

Windsong Entertainment: A Shortcut Guide To The Music Industry

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